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Spiritual Bath: How to Create a Healing Ritual

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Baths are known for their healing and relaxing abilities. That’s why people have been taking baths for centuries. Essentially, it cleans more than just your body. It also helps clear your mind, purify your spirit and rejuvenate your soul. Spiritual baths are a great way to slow down and take time to connect with yourself. It provides you with an intimate, personal space that can empower you mentally, physically, and spiritually.


What is a spiritual bath?

A spiritual bath is not a regular bath. So, don’t reach for your shampoos and body washes just yet.  During a spiritual bath, you focus on yourself as a spiritual being, not just a body in need of washing. The cleansing is not physical one but is emotional instead. A spiritual bath has a purpose and a meaning.

There is an intention behind this activity, and that intention can vary from person to person. You can use a spiritual bath for any reason as long as its healing to your soul. Perhaps there’s some grieving you have been struggling to suppress, or maybe you just need to decompress from all the stress in your life. A spiritual bath can help float you to your happy place to find answers and inspiration deep inside.


What are the benefits of taking a spiritual bath?

Spiritual, ritualistic bathing has many benefits - spiritually, mentally, and physically.


Your body feels clean, refreshed, healthy, and attractive after a proper cleaning or soak in the bath. Plus, you get to enjoy improved circulation, reduced muscle or joint pain, and an overall feeling of physical relaxation. Long baths also pull toxins from the skin, which ultimately helps your being function more optimally as whole.  

*Your skin can absorb Epsom salts from the water, so add some to your bath for a natural boost of physical fitness.




It’s much easier to clear your mind when you have time to stop, soak, and think. Spiritual bathing is therefore helpful when seeking better mental focus and enhanced creativity. It gives you a blast of positive, mindful energy that can be used for greater things than stressing out. That, in turn, gives you the strength and inspiration to ponder life in general.

*You can listen to music, meditate, or read a good book while soaking in a spiritual bath.



A ritual bath combines the benefits of mental and physical elevation to create a spiritual (or emotional) change. After all, your emotional cleanliness is just as reactive as your physical and mental states. So, make a ritual bath part of your self-care routine and enjoy endless spiritual benefits like better clarify, an improved sense of peace, and a tighter connection to the universe.

*Use this time to pray or cry just as long as you feel healed of something by the time you get out.

If you don't have a bathtub, no worries. You can still create the same healing ritual in a shower. Or try a footbath instead because your feet are an essential part of reflexology, and that affects your mental, physical, and spiritual self as well.


What to include in your spiritual bath

There are many things that you can bring to the bath with you. In fact, your tagalongs can be anything that helps you relax and unwind. And if you choose the right items, you could be in for a multi-sensory surprise. Figuring out what you want to include in your ritual baths is as easy as connecting with yourself for just a moment.  Self-care is about receiving, so take baby steps to ensure you’re receiving meaningful acts of love from yourself.

Not sure what to bring to the bathroom for a spiritual experience? That’s okay. Just use one or all of the following items to create a relaxing environment or find the perfect healing path:


Epsom salt is used frequently in baths because it enhances health and promotes healing. In fact, it’s often added to bath water for pain relief or anxiety suppression. Salt is a natural healer, so many cultures believe that it releases physical and energetic toxicities as well. 





Determine which crystals to use for your bath by considering your intentions. They all have different meanings and abilities.  Crystals can draw in various energies to whoever holds them or is near them. Not all crystals are safe to use in water.  Some can make the water toxic, flake or dissolve. So, instead of adding them to your water, just keep a few near the tub’s edge.  





Essential oils are greatly beneficial, especially for mood management. Adding these heavily odorous liquids to your spiritual bath can bring on instant healing from the inside out. Simply drip a few drops into the water and then take the time to breathe it all in. 





Candles help make your bath a more relaxing experience because they shield your eyes from harsh, abrasive light. However, you can combine effects by using fragranced candles for some dimly lit aromatherapy.  Don’t forget that you can also combine candle colors and scents with your favorite crystals and bath salts for a multi-sensory session.




The right kind of music can turn an ordinary bath into an extraordinary experience. That’s because harmonies have a special effect on our minds, bodies, and souls. Therefore, listening to your favorite relaxing tunes while you take a spiritual bath is a great idea.

Listen to our favorite playlist: Relax & Rest with These 7 Calming Nature Sounds



  • Read a good book
  • Sip a glass of delicious wine
  • Enjoy a cup of hot herbal tea
  • Add fresh flowers to their bath water (avoid the mess by putting your petals in a net or string bag)



Still, a spiritual bath is not just the time you spend sitting in water. That’s because there are many things to do when you get done. After all, these baths set a precedence and create momentum in the right direction if you use them intentionally.

Enjoy some herbal tea or start journaling to finalize this type of ritual. Journaling helps you express yourself after you’ve connected with your spirit. Putting your thoughts on paper can also make planning and manifestation much easier.


Final thoughts

Turning your bath into a healing ritual is one of the best ways to connect with own divinity. It's an opportunity to leave all your worries behind and genuinely enjoy your alone time. Self-care is not a selfish act.  We all need it, so take a moment to enjoy the present because you deserve it. 



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