6 Reasons To Make Your Bed Every Morning

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For some people, making their bed is second nature and for others - especially for those dealing with depression, burnout, grief and exhaustion - it can be an overwhelming task.  Many experts - such as Jordan Peterson and US Navy Admiral William McRaven - agree on the importance of making your bed every morning.  It is not just about accomplishing a mundane task, it is about having a quick win under your belt as soon as you wake up. Whether you realize it or not, it gives you the right start for the day. We'll be talking about the 6 reasons why you should make your bed every morning. 


 1. Increase your productivity

Making your bed is the best way to start a productive day. There's so much power behind your habits and by kick-starting your day with making your bed, it ensures that you'll have a productive day. You're already starting off by something productive, and this is bound to continue for the rest of your day.  Research shows that out of those who make their bed every morning, 34 percent of those are deemed productive at work while 58 percent were productive overall. Making your bed and productivity are highly connected to one another. 


2. Reduce your stress levels

Making your bed reduces the levels of your stress, and it's because of a decluttered space. When your bed is full of clutter and space, this can affect your mind. If you've heard the term declutter before, it's cleaning up the mess to refresh both your mind and soul. Have you ever noticed that calming feeling you get when you come home to a clean and organized bed after work? This is what a decluttered space feels like. Making your bed each morning reduces your stress levels effectively as it gives you clarity and space to clear your mind. You'll feel much calmer and much more peaceful when you make your bed every morning. 


3. The right start for your day 

Habits are extremely crucial, especially in the morning. Your habits are what build you up for success and productivity. The wrong set of habits has the capacity to hold you back from true potential, which is why making your bed makes as an important habit. By failing to make your bed in the morning, you avoid starting your day in the right note. Whether you realize it or not, making your bed puts you in the right mindset.



4. Sense of achievement

Doing something after you wake up will surely boost your morale throughout the day. A simple cleaning of your room after you wake up will fire up the sense of achievement that you have, and that boost will carry you until the end of the day. Making up your bed will lead you to a positive attitude, which allows you to do any task in which your day will provide. This simple act will give you a sense of accomplishment that you need for the day. Take note that every small achievement counts. Even the fact that you made up your own bed should fire you up to achieve greater things. Making your bed may seem insignificant to you, but it's the key to achieving much greater things, whether in your career or personal life. 


5. Boosting morale

Making up your bed is one of the easiest ways to boost your morale. Small accomplishments are still accomplishments regardless. Making up your bed gives you the sense that you can do anything that this day has to give you. If you're accountable even in the smallest thing, then you can be accountable in almost everything. Making your bed represents an act of discipline and self-control. If you have that kind of morale in your habit, it's only natural that you'll have that discipline in other aspects of your life. Discipline is such an important trait, especially regarding your professional life. By making your bed every day, you're proving to yourself that you're capable of reaching that level of consistency.  

6. Decluttering

Lastly, by making your bed every morning, your room and bed would look much cleaner. Did you know there's a certain motivation in heading home when you know that your room is maintained clean? Similar to what we've talked about on decluttering, it's essential to both your mind and soul. There's something to be said about the ambiance and interior of your room when you consistently make the sheets every day. Making your bed isn't entirely about character and habit development, but it's also about decluttering. When you clean up the mess in your bed and in your room, you clean up your life. By having a bed that feels comfortable and calm, your bedroom becomes the most important place in your home. It's easy to feel like your mind's a mess when you refuse to fix your bed. Decluttering your bed is the easiest and fastest way to clean up your life. Not to mention, your bed feels like home when it's clean and organized. 

Making your bed is more significant than it seems, and gives you a sense of motivation and fulfillment you need for the day. If everything feels dull and mundane for you, try making your bed in the morning and you'll feel the need to be productive. If you're looking for a habit that effectively changes your mindset and outlook on life while helping you become disciplined and consistent, making your bed is that one habit. It's the consistent actions that will define your character and your life.



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