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Kusmi Tea - Prince Vladimir - Russian Black Tea Blend with Vanilla, Bergamot & Other Spices
Kusmi Tea - Prince Vladimir - Russian Black Tea Blend with Vanilla, Bergamot & Other Spices

Kusmi Tea - Prince Vladimir - Russian Black Tea Blend with Vanilla, Bergamot & Other Spices

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Brand: Kusmitea

  • LOOSE LEAF BLACK TEA: One of Kusmi's most memorable Russian teas, Prince Vladimir offers a truly royal blend of seductive aromas and spices.
  • CITRUS, VANILLA & SPICES: A Russian blend of Earl Grey black teas with hints of bergamot, lemon, grapefruit, vanilla and spices to arouse your senses.
  • THE PERFECT WAKE-UP: Caffeine never tasted so enchanting. Rise from your slumber to the alluring scent of fruit and spices in a classic black tea.
  • ADD A SPLASH OF MILK: Enjoy a cup of Prince Vladimir with a side of fresh milk for a rich & delicious pick-me-up any time of day!
  • PLASTIC FREE TEA BAGS: Kusmi Tea is enveloped in eco-friendly muslin tea bags for a tight mesh filtration, while also showing tea leaves, fruit pieces, & spices.

At Kusmi, we're very proud of our deliciously unforgettable Prince Vladimir Tea-a premium loose-leaf black tea for the ages. This blend of Russian Earl Grey is flavored with citrus fruits (bergamot, lemon, and grapefruit), vanilla, and the most enchanting array of spices. Enjoy a hot cup of Prince Vladimir Kusmi tea with a bit of fresh milk any time you need a boost or a time-out. A truly wonderful way to awaken the senses in the morning, this delicious blend is the perfect way to discover the famous taste of a cup of Russian Earl Grey. Prince Vladimir is best brewed at 185-195°F for 3-4 minutes. At Kusmi Tea, we're proud to offer a collection of teas made with eco-friendly materials. Our decorative metal tins are beautiful and reusable, and keep your premium teas fresh and delicious. Our plant-based PLA tea bags are plastic-free, without the synthetic chemicals and bleaches used in regular tea bags, and offer perfect visibility, showing off entire tea leaves, pieces of fruit, spices and the colors in our blends. Our goal is to combine genuine wellbeing with total deliciousness, and Prince Vladimir is it. A unique blend created by Pavel Kousmichoff in 1888 to celebrate the 900th anniversary of the Christianization of Russia by Vladimir the Great, the ruler of Holy Russia. Prince Vladimir Russian black tea offers a taste of history in every cup.