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Embracing the Maiden, the Mother & the Crone

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The Triple Goddess is one of the most ancient symbols in existence. It has been found all over the world on countless artifacts and, dating as far back as 10,000 B.C.E.. Its meaning has remained consistent throughout time. 

Goddess worship is an ancient practice that predates Christianity, Judaism and Islam. The feminine exists in all major religions but often in a less powerful form than the male practitioner of the same faith. This may be because many religions were created by patriarchal societies who did not want to acknowledge the power or importance of women and their bodies. We are now living in a time when more people than ever before are awakening to their own spirituality outside of traditional religion as well as questioning gender stereotypes and roles within society.

The three aspects of the triple goddess are often seen as Maiden, Mother and Crone. These three characters are considered to be the phases of womanhood that women go through over their lifetimes. While there have been several interpretations about what it means for a woman to embody these aspects, it can provide insight into patterns and transitions we experience across our lives. This article will look at each phase as well as how they interconnect with one another, so you can better understand this important topic!


What is the Triple Goddess?

The triple goddess is a concept of feminine divinity and the three faces of a single woman. The three forms of the triple goddess are Maiden, Mother and Crone. Each one represents an aspect of femininity. Women will often have different experiences with each form throughout their lives. Some people believe that the Triple Goddess is the original trinity. 

The first aspect is the Maiden, who represents all of her potentiality - undeveloped energy that can be used for anything. The second stage is the Mother, personified as nurturing energies which emanate from within us and we share with others without asking anything back in return. The last phase is the Crone; this one symbolizes death or change but not destruction - old age or wisdom gained through knowledge obtained over a long lifetime of experiences.

There are manifestations of the Triple Goddess in nature as well, such as the moon, earth, and ocean. The moon is a symbol of femininity. The three phases - waxing, full, and waning - represent the Goddess's many faces: maiden, mother and crone. She governs the oceans and streams as well as women's menstrual cycles. The moon is a source of feelings, spirituality and enlightenment for us all! The same is true for the seasons. The Maiden is represented by Spring, the Mother by Summer and the Crone by Autumn and Winter.  The planet we call our mother is nurturing, grounded, and full of life!

The Triple Goddess is a symbol of femininity, life, and death that transcends the female aspect to expose a woman's life cycle. Many people see each phase as being connected to woman's events during her lifetime, but the truth is that you can access each phase when you need them - not just when your life reflects them. This means that the Mother phase is not strictly for mothers. 

By understanding these stages we can learn more about ourselves as women. Unlocking the door for the Tripe Goddess's knowledge will also allow you to experience being a woman in a more profound and fulfilling way.

The Different Phases of The Triple Goddess

The Triple Goddess is one being with three equally important phases. The three phases are unique, and each holds its own power. There is no need for you to resemble the phase you are trying to get energy from. Meaning that, for example, if you are trying to manifest the Mother phase's perseverance, you don't need to be a mother. The triple Goddess doesn't work that way. You can ask for their guidance no matter who you are or your age.

The Maiden

The new moon symbolizes the maiden. And the maiden represents youthfulness, purity, self-confidence, freedom, learning, self-expression, and brand-new beginnings. She calls you to explore your spirituality, desire, and creativity.

She is also a time of growth and anticipation for the moon approaching its completion. She is a new experience, raw, extraordinary, and abundant potential. The maiden's energy is as inspirational and wonderful as art. She signifies the world's pure desires, little things that fill you with happiness, things such as smelling a flower during a spring day or watching the sunset.

She changes the way you see the world. The maiden leads us to our spiritual core. She allows us to recognize who we truly are and empowers us to accept every beautiful feature that we hold. She also encourages us to explore and express our emotions.

Before being introduced to adulthood, the maiden is the naive girl. She is usually portrayed as a teen. The maiden is also a girl in her childhood and youth. The Maiden appearance resembles the Waxing Moon form. She is our new beginning, the spring as the planet has just awoken from a deep sleep.


The Mother

The full moon symbolizes the mother. The mother represents love, loyalty, perseverance, recognition, influence, and self-care. The mother calls you to understand giving and accepting love. The maiden becomes the mother, the supplier of all life as the moon becomes full.

She symbolizes the most fertile period and wealth as the fields are thriving and animals grow to adulthood. She signifies sustaining, stability, reliability, and maturity. The Mother Goddess is by many to be the most influential phase of the trinity.

The mother is nurture and fulfillment. She represents protection and responsibility. When we are in this phase, we will discover self-discipline and self-control. The mother also shows us how to give and accept love. She is the planet, full of generosity and ready to provide others with what they need. The Mother Goddess is the fulfillment of your prophecy, thoughts, healing, and opportunities.

The mother implies Summer and the Full Moon.


The Crone

The fading waning moon represents the crone. The crone symbolizes ends, experience, loss, acceptance, and conclusion. She calls you to trust that without limitation, there is no beginning.

The crone expresses achievement and endings. She is knowledge and death. The crone embodies learning the raw, unyielding truth and the enlightenment that arises from it. She is the death that happens so that new starts can begin. Without her, there is no birth. (also perceived as the Dark Goddess). She is the mystery in the dark sky.

She is sunset and night. She is Autumn and Winter. The crone is thoughtful; she portrays aging and ends, death and rebirth. She warns us that death is a component of the circle of life. The Crone phase represents a woman in the later years of life. Even so, her analogy spreads past that. The crone is also enlightenment and knowledge revealed from whole life.


The Triple Goddess is a distinct and enigmatic representation of the divine feminine. When combining her three phases, she produces endless possibilities for spiritual growth and knowledge.

Examples of the Triple Goddess

Brigid (Celtic) is the goddess of poetry and healing. In Celtic mythology, she symbolizes inspiration and light. Brigid's day (Imbolc) is one of the four Fire Festivals dedicated to her as a maiden phase which portrays youth, fullness, and new starts

In ancient Celtic culture, poets held a place of admiration, second solely to kings. Poets were the guardians of tales, poems, and songs that they presented live. These usually would be about the day's events. They would also read ancient folklore and stories of wisdom. Thet believed that Brigid brought fertility to the land and its people. Brigid was known for her healing and kindness towards the most disadvantaged people.

And Isis (Egyptian) was seen as the Mother phase. Isis was the daughter of Geb the Earth God and Nut the Sky Goddess. A merge of heaven and earth. She gave birth to Horus, the Sun God, and collectively built all life on this planet. Isis was the mother of magic and was an expert at it. She was able to heal the sick, reward fertility, and grant security to all seafarers. She was even capable of bringing the dead back to life. She symbolized resurrection and immortal life. She was loved and respected by all.

Hecate (Greek), also known as Hekate, was a Greek goddess who dictated its kingdoms. She was responsible for fertility ceremonies. She was a goddess of youth, menstruation, and childbirth. She grew to become a goddess of witchcraft and magic. She was known as the mother goddess due to being protective over the children, hunters, and soldiers in combat.

Still, Hecate was not known for her nurturing or maternal reassurance. Instead, she would serve revenge against those who would provoke hurt to those she was guarding. She was also the Goddess of the spirit world, which united her to the Crone phase. Some would claim that Hecate was not a Triple goddess. And view her as a Crone phase, and indeed, several did celebrate her in this form.


Each feature within the Triple Goddess is associated with distinct seasons. And other universal events, individual aspects, and particular life components. Each portrayed an element of life and protected it or amplified it into gifts or wisdom.

How to Attract the Triple Goddess Energy?

There are a few ways to connect your energy to the Triple Goddess. You may want to invoke the Triple Goddess by placing her on your altar and ask for her guidance in a ceremony. Or you may wish to acknowledge and amplify the features of the Triple Goddess inside yourself. Only you can decide whether you are experiencing the Maiden, Mother, or Crone goddess period of your life.

Your energy is determined by what stage of life you are currently in and how it should be channeled throughout the day to day. We all carry a little bit of each phase inside us; it's just up to you to decide which part shines brightest and who you want people to see when they look at us.

Manifesting the Triple Moon Energy in Your Everyday Life

You can use the triple moon symbol just as much as any other magic symbol. You can place it on the altar, imprinted on candles, and even used as a necklace, or used as a dynamic guide during spellwork or prediction. Holding this symbol near you enables you to receive the feminine forces. You can use their symbol to compel particular energy if you would like to feel more empowered and experience a boost of your confidence.

It can also open doors for when you feel blocked and stuck as you can appeal for the symbol of the crone to bless you with wisdom. Or ask for a glimpse of the creative energy of the maiden when you are not feeling motivated.

Feminine features are essential for a lot of spiritual practice, including tarot reading, astrology, and spellwork. This makes the triple moon symbol an influential component of a witch's daily life.

The triple moon calls all those features: intuition, creative spirit, knowledge, and strength. Those are all emotions craved in the divine feminine. The triple Goddess is whole by the energies of the maiden, the mother, and the crone. Having a straightforward way to this symbol is necessary. As a witch, this can quickly prompt you of the power you have to conceive, visible, and gain enlightenment from your Highest Self.

"The Goddess has never been lost, It is just some of us have forgotten how to find her" - Patricia Monaghan

8 Ways to Ask for the Triple Goddess Guidance

Whether you pray goddesses as a Triple Goddess or just the Maiden, Mother, Crone archetypes, achieving a link that meets your own needs can grant you a more pleasing spiritual bond. You should also pay attention to the moon phases if praying for The Maine, Mother, or Crone. This will strengthen the energy when you are asking for guidance.

Whether you would like to work with The Goddess (together or individually), always make sure to praise and respect each phase. Sanctifying the Goddess relishes the feminine divine in us all. No matter our gender or which stage you are in your life.

Be Fearless

Having the courage to be yourself takes a lot of courage. Most people are scared to show their true selves for most of their lives. The Triple Goddesses symbolize things such as new beginnings, self-expression, and self-belief. Being courageous to accept yourself fully will allow you to connect with its energy more profoundly.

Through Self Care

Practicing self-care and look after your mind, body, and soul will unleash your inner strength. And help you to connect with the energy around you. It empowers you with awareness. And it will be easier to ask the Triple Goddesses for their guidance when our vibrations are high.

Work With the Full Moon.

Moon is energy, is what controls the sea tides and balances the power in this world. Each phase of the Tripple Goddess represents a moon's phases as well. Depending on what you are trying to attract to your life, using the moon's phases can help you reach proper guidance.

Make Peace with Your Past.

Let go of the hurt is another way to connect with positive energy. If you allow yourself to be blind by the past pain, it will be harder to be open to receive any guidance. Let go of what happened and begin to see what's coming. You can't change what happened to you, but you can impact what your future will look like from now on.

Heal Any Opened Wounds

Letting go might not always be easy, and you may need some help to get through whatever hurt you in the past. Healing the wounds will not mean that you will just forget. You will carry the scars with you forever. But the hurting will decrease, and when you look back, you will know that's not who you are anymore. It was a part of you.

Make Your Home a Sanctuary.

Turning your space into a sacred place will help you to increase your own energy. It will bring you peace, increase your self-care and raise your awareness when you are relaxed and connected with the world around us. When we feel safe, and in control, the guidance that we have been asking for seems more obvious to see.

Purify You Energy

Release any negativity from your life, and you shall see what is right in front of you. Like holding to hurt and pain can blindfold you. Any negative emotions can also prevent you from seeing the opportunities presented in front of you.

Break the Cycle

Changing your behavior is perhaps one of the toughest challenges. Those changes are necessary. As you need to let go of anything that stops you from receiving the guidance you are trying to channel through the Triple Goddesses, breaking vicious cycles, such as overthinking. Or doing anything that can cause negative vibrations will give way to positive energy. And allow you to receive the Triple Goddesses' guidance.

"Through the Goddess, we can discover our strength, enlighten our minds, own our bodies, and celebrate our emotions."

Final Thoughts

Our energy is a stream of endless possibilities. This is where you can find your true voice and your purpose. It will embed you with hope and wisdom. Throughout our lives, we need to connect with the things that remind us of who we are. The triple goddesses are a vessel of what makes us unique and strong. It empowers us to be better, braver, stronger, happier, and true to ourselves. The Triple Goddesses are a divine force that can remind you of how great you already are. And the only thing you need to do is embrace your own power.


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