Triple Goddess: The Maiden, The Mother, and The Crone

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The Triple Goddess symbol, representing the Maiden, Mother, and Crone, is one of the most ancient symbols known to humanity. Discovered on artifacts worldwide, it dates back to 10,000 B.C.E. While its form may differ across cultures, its meaning remains largely consistent.

Long before the rise of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, goddess worship thrived. In many religions, the feminine is present, but often in a diminished role compared to male deities. This can be attributed to the creation of these religions within patriarchal societies that often minimized the significance of women. Today, there is a resurgence in exploring spirituality beyond traditional religion and re-examining gender roles.

The three facets of the Triple Goddess - Maiden, Mother, and Crone - mirror the stages women undergo during their lives. This framework provides insights into life's patterns and transitions. In this article, we will delve deeper into each phase and their interconnectedness.




The Triple Goddess is a captivating symbol, representing three transformative stages of womanhood. Yet, her essence goes beyond mere phases of life, offering a universal wisdom that can be embraced regardless of one's stage in life or identity.


As the waxing moon grows in the night sky, the Maiden emerges, embodying youthful vigor, fresh perspectives, and boundless potential. She is the spirit of exploration, the breath of springtime, and the first taste of life's many wonders. With the Maiden, we tap into an untamed passion, a zest for life, and the courage to embrace the unknown. She isn't just a young woman embarking on her journey; she is the promise of new beginnings and the excitement of uncharted horizons.


The Mother, illuminated by the full moon's brilliance, symbolizes love's depth, resilience, and the nurturing heart of existence. Embodying abundance and care, she teaches us about unconditional love, sacrifice, and the art of balance. While she might be visualized as a woman in her prime, caring for her offspring, she is also the guiding force that pushes us to nurture our dreams, uplift others, and find harmony in giving and receiving. Like the summer's warmth and the full moon's embrace, the Mother provides and protects.


With the waning moon as her emblem, the Crone stands at the crossroads of conclusion and wisdom. While she signifies life's inevitable endings, she also embodies the insights and enlightenment that come with experience. The Crone isn't merely the twilight of life; she's the culmination of lessons learned, the acceptance of life's ebb and flow, and the serene understanding that every ending heralds a fresh start. In her, we find the beauty of reflection and the promise of rebirth.

The Triple Goddess is more than just a representation of the feminine. She is a spiritual guide, offering a wellspring of wisdom, growth, and understanding. By recognizing and integrating her phases, we not only celebrate womanhood but also gain a deeper understanding of life's intricate dance.



Brigid: The Celtic Maiden

Brigid, a figure from Celtic lore, represents the maiden aspect of the Triple Goddess archetype. Revered for her connection to poetry and healing, Brigid symbolizes inspiration and the rejuvenating power of light. Her special day, Imbolc, is one among the quartet of fire festivals, honoring her maiden phase characterized by youth, vitality, and the potential of new beginnings. In the ancient Celtic world, poets were almost as venerated as kings, tasked with safeguarding and performing the day's tales, timeless folklore, and profound wisdom stories. This deep respect for poets stemmed partly from their association with Brigid. The goddess was believed to bless the land and its inhabitants with fertility, and she was especially revered for her compassion and healing abilities directed towards the downtrodden.

Isis: The Egyptian Mother

Isis, an emblematic figure from Egyptian mythology, embodies the Mother phase. Born to Geb, the Earth God, and Nut, the Sky Goddess, Isis represents the harmonious union of heaven and earth. She mothered Horus, the Sun God, playing a pivotal role in the creation and sustenance of life. Famed as a prodigious sorceress, Isis's magical capabilities extended to healing the ill, bestowing fertility, safeguarding sailors, and even resurrecting the dead. Symbolizing rebirth and eternal life, Isis commanded universal admiration and reverence.

Hecate: The Greek Crone

Hecate, or Hekate from Greek mythology, presents a multifaceted aspect of the Triple Goddess. As the overseer of various domains, she was acknowledged for fertility rites, overseeing phases of youth, menstruation, and childbirth, and later evolving as a powerful deity of witchcraft and magic. Although recognized as a mother goddess given her protective stance towards children, hunters, and warriors, Hecate wasn't typically associated with the nurturing or maternal archetype. Her protection was fierce: she would mete out retribution against those threatening her wards. Hecate's dominion over the spirit realm further ties her to the Crone phase. While some debate her classification as a Triple Goddess, many indeed revered and celebrated her in this aspect.




1. Understanding Your Phase: Everyone resonates more with a certain phase – Maiden, Mother, or Crone. While each one exists within us, introspection will reveal which stage mirrors your current life situation and mindset. Reflect on which aspect is the most dominant within you, recognizing that it can change over time.

2. Manifesting the Triple Moon Energy: Integrate the triple moon symbol into your daily routine. This symbol, often seen on altars, candles, or worn as jewelry, acts as a magnet for feminine energies. Whether you're seeking empowerment, wisdom, or creative inspiration, the triple moon can be your beacon. For witches and spiritual practitioners, this symbol underscores aspects like intuition, creativity, wisdom, and strength, vital facets of the divine feminine.

3. Acknowledging the Divinity Within: "The Goddess has never been lost; it's just that some have forgotten how to find her." – Patricia Monaghan.

Whether you revere the Triple Goddess as separate entities or as the Maiden, Mother, Crone archetypes, aligning with the energy that suits your spiritual journey can deepen your connection. Enhance your experience by tuning into the moon phases, which embody the energy of each Goddess facet.

4. Embracing Authenticity: The Triple Goddess champions qualities like new beginnings, self-expression, and self-belief. Embrace courage and show your true self to the world, forging a stronger bond with this divine energy.

5. Prioritize Self-Care: Nourishing your mind, body, and soul strengthens your connection to external energies. Elevate your vibrations, and it becomes easier to seek guidance from the Triple Goddess.

6. Moonlit Rituals: The moon is the most evident symbol of the Triple Goddess. Conducting rituals under the phases of the moon can help you connect to the corresponding aspect of the goddess. For instance, during the new moon, seek guidance from the Maiden; during the full moon, reach out to the Mother; and during the waning moon, connect with the Crone.


In all these practices, it's crucial to approach the Triple Goddess with an open heart and a humble spirit. While she is a source of tremendous power and guidance, she also values sincerity and respect. Remember that spiritual guidance often comes in subtle whispers, symbols, or even emotions. Stay patient, and trust that the Triple Goddess is always there, eager to guide those who genuinely seek her wisdom.



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