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How to Connect with Your Higher Self

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There is a part of you that exists on another level, and it’s waiting for your attention. It has unique knowledge and guidance to share with you if you know how to access it. Getting in touch with this “higher self” can provide you with guidance when making major decisions or choices. This process can be simple or complex, depending on your current level of conscious awareness.

The number one goal of a human being is to evolve into their spiritual self. Spirituality refers to the understanding the place that we have in this world, and how it relates to everything else that exists around us.

What Is the Higher Self?

The term “higher self” refers to the real you, to your soul, to the part of you that is eternal, unlimited and wise, to the person you truly are without any learned patterns of behavior getting in the way. Your highest consciousness is that which is connected to the eternal, the magical, to the divine and to source. It is the expression of your innate divinity, thereby inseparable from the authentic self. This spiritual structure represents the unconditioned part of your psyche - the most beautiful and powerful version of who you truly are.

In simpler terms, your higher self speaks an entirely different spiritual language than your lower consciousness does not. It thrives on primal instinct, yes, but it’s also founded on intuition, transcendent communication, sincerity, and wisdom.


The Top 10 Benefits of Connecting with Your Higher Self

Your highest being longs to commune with you on a deeper level. It wants to guide you and help mold you into the best possible version of yourself. So, place your spirit on a purer path of ascension by understanding the importance thereof.

Connecting with higher levels of consciousness is vital to your mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. In fact, most therapists and counselors suggest linking to your higher self at least once per day for optimal health. That’s because it provides numerous benefits, both tangible and intangible. Here are the top 10:


1. Raised Sense of Intuition

Your consciousness and clairvoyant abilities get enhanced when your intuition is piqued. You begin to “just know” certain things without being shown or told them first. It’s as if the universe downloads information into your brain, body, and soul automatically. That, in turn, is what helps you read other people’s intentions more instinctively.


2. Clearer Definition of Purpose

We all struggle to define our life’s purpose but connecting to our higher selves can make that easier. A journey into the depths of your soul can make you feel like you belong to something much bigger than yourself. It gives you a broader perspective on life - a crystal clear vision of where you are, where you should be going, and how you’ll feel when you get there.


3. Answers to Tough Questions

Your most burning questions can get swift and powerful answers when you consult your higher self for wisdom and guidance. After all, only so much information can be found in books, movies, nature, and conversation. Instead, consult with your higher consciousness to reveal specific details and considerations, especially those that are commonly hidden by conscious thought.


4. Control Over Contentment

The higher self is not concerned with worldly, three-dimensional matters. It’s a transcendent, positive, and completely happy being that loves itself and others. Connecting to that part of yourself makes it easier to focus on what’s most important in your life. It helps shed the negativities in your energy field while making you feel more comfortable and validated as a sensitive, complex spirit.


5. Enhanced Healing Abilities

When you connect with your higher self, it’s easier to block negative energies and direct your intent toward healthier, more important things. You can channel your thoughts and emotions to begin healing from trauma and pain as well. That, in turn, can also make you a more positive and encouraging entity for other people to be around. Make this your priority an enjoy abundance in many forms.


6. Unconditional Self-Love
Your higher self is secure and unrelenting in its solidity, infinity, beauty, and worthiness. Therefore, connecting to it can make you feel the same way. You stop looking for reassurance from other people and outside sources when you do this. Instead, you start to realize your own personal value and then you begin generating greater self-confidence from your boundlessly elevated consciousness. 


7. Negative Energy Elimination

Negativity no longer finds you, or at least not as easily, when you’re constantly connected to your higher self. On the rare occasions when it does, you’re able to recognize it and remove it without incident. This goes for negative people, places, things, and/or ideas. In essence, you become the master of your own environment to manipulate your circumstances more productively.


8. Abundance Within and Without

Abundance is a subjective term that means having everything you need. Visiting your higher self not only broadens your perspectives on the important things in life but it also helps you cope with the stresses thereof. So, connecting to it can produce rich feelings of abundance and plenty, even when times get tough. As an added bonus, the unconditional self-love this connection promotes can help you avoid circumstantial depression and self-destructive behaviors.


9. Seclusion and Reflection

Your higher self helps you create a more harmonious environment, especially within your own soul. It makes seclusion and reflection less difficult to endure as well. Plus, enhanced alone time makes you more inspiring to other people by demonstrating your inner strength of character. It’s like becoming a beacon that drops its light on wandering spirits from miles away. 


10. Gratitude

The higher self will always show you how to be grateful for the things you have in this world. It helps you process trauma and find inner peace, especially in the face of adversity. Your highest consciousness has the keys to eternity, so connecting with it reveals how everything happens for a reason - to define who we are and raise our vibrations until we ascend.

BONUS: Connecting with yourself on a higher plane of existence also gives you a chance to disconnect from society and reality for a little while. That time can then be used to remove yourself from harmful, negative, or discouraging situations.

8 Ways to Connect with Your Higher Self

The divine self exists on a plane beyond your conscious perception. So, unlocking its doors requires very specific tools and techniques. Behind those doors, however, lies your true reason for living - the light that shines even when your eyes are closed. The entire Universe rests there, which means the key is usually hidden in plain sight. Here are 5 ways to find it and make a meaningful connection with your higher self:



Higher-self meditation can significantly reduce stress and anxiety because it helps quiet the mind, body, and spirit. Stillness and silence make it easier for us to hear what our higher self is trying to say. It removes external distractions, giving you time to focus your energies on making a better connection with your innate person. This technique can also raise your self-awareness, generate feelings of kindness, and boost your attention span.


Yoga is an ancient art that helps improve physical strength and flexibility while calming the mind and spirit for more substantial reflection. It’s good for the heart, creates more energy, brightens moods, and eliminates stress as well. Those who practice yoga usually find it much easier to connect with their higher selves, especially when achieving and/or sustaining difficult poses that create physical barriers.



Spirit quests consist of removing yourself from a situation or environment until you feel more secure in your being. They also involve communing with nature and practicing spiritual growth exercises, often with the guidance of a shaman. This technique also requires quiet reflection and sometimes even invasive exercises that involve spirit work and emotional control. During a successful spirit quest, the lower self gets out of the way and makes room for Universal healing.



Writing things down helps you process your thoughts and feelings more effectively. It also gives you a chance to express your creativity and ask burning questions without judgment from others. Sometimes our racing minds get in the way of what our higher self is communicating. So, creating a quiet internal monologue helps make your connection a more meaningful, productive, and positive one. Journaling can foster self-love too.



Did you know that you have spiritual characteristics based on the exact moment you were born? Research suggests that you incarnate at a very specific time, and that time can reveal a lot about who you really are. There have even been books written about this phenomenon. So, track your birthday to find out more and make a lifelong connection with your higher consciousness.



Tarot is an ancient art form that can reveal many mysteries in a person’s life. It’s often used to eliminate confusion and elevate the higher self to a more prominent position in the consciousness. Each layout uncovers new messages from the Universe, allowing you to make more meaningful connections with your superior self and others. Essentially, tarot provides hidden insights into life’s greatest mysteries.



Prayer is not just for religious people. In fact, it’s merely the concentrated power of will and it can be used to connect with the Universe and to your higher self. You can even create your own prayers, with your thoughts, words, and emotions focused on solving problems, removing negative energies, and/or communing with your eternal being. Developing a simple, impactful mantra can do the same thing. 



A sacred space is a private, peaceful place that’s filled with inspirational items and positive energies. It provides a quiet spot for reflection and higher-self connections by being tucked away and customized. You can enter it at any time and begin communicating with eternity to answers and guidance. It’s also a great place to practice prayer, journaling, mindful meditation, and tarot.


Connecting the Dots

Your higher self is what makes you who you are - a beautiful, unique, and interesting creature. It’s the fiber that connects your conscious mind and subconscious spirit. Connecting to your superior perceptions can help you see what the universe sees when it looks back at you - hope, positivity, power, and potential.






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