5 Reasons Why You Should Make a Vision Board + 6 Kits to Start Now!

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Vision boards, often underestimated, are powerful tools that encapsulate our deepest desires and ambitions. They serve as tangible reminders of our dreams, bridging the gap between imagination and realization. By crafting a tangible representation of our dreams, we foster clarity and purpose in our life's journey. The process of creating these boards is not just a creative outlet, but an act of introspection to actively shape your future.

1. Visualization  

Visualization is a potent mental exercise, and vision boards are its tangible expression. When you visualize, your brain works tirelessly to achieve what it ‘sees,’ inherently adopting a proactive and constructive mindset. By curating images, quotes, and symbols that resonate with your aspirations on a vision board, you stimulate and reinforce your visualizations.


2. The Power of Focus

Creating a vision board demands clarity and focus on your life goals. During its creation process, you're compelled to introspect and crystallize what truly matters to you, filtering out the ambient noise of everyday life. This heightened focus sharpens your consciousness, subtly guiding your daily choices and actions towards your visualized goals.

3. Staying Motivated

Life’s journey is fraught with challenges and distractions that can derail your personal development trajectory. A vision board serves as a constant reminder of your dreams and purpose, acting as a motivational anchor. Every glance at your board reignites your drive, energizing you to persist and overcome obstacles.


4. Visual Learning and Retention 

When you see representations of your aspirations daily, these images gradually embed themselves deeply into your subconscious mind. This subconscious imprinting subtly but effectively begins to influence your thoughts, actions, and behaviors in a positive manner, steering you unknowingly yet assuredly towards the realization of your dreams. 


5.  Accountability

A vision board operates as a personal contract with yourself, documenting your commitments and aspirations clearly and visually. By crafting this vivid representation of your future, you're making a tangible pledge to the goals and dreams outlined on the board. Each image, quote, and symbol you affix to your board isn’t merely decorative; it’s a visual oath, a reminder of the promises made to yourself about the life you aim to lead and the personal milestones you wish to achieve.


Start Now With These Vision Board Kits

To assist you in manifesting your dreams most effectively, we've handpicked a list of exceptional vision board kits. Each of these selections is designed to inspire, guide and provide you with the materials you need to create a compelling, personal visual representation of your aspirations.




Daily Dopamine Vision Board Kit

This kit includes 150 hand-picked aesthetic pictures and motivational quote cards to inspire and set intentions for your goals. With a clean and sleek 10" x 14" foldable board (20" x 14" when opened), no mess or extra tools are needed. Simply choose your favorite cards and use the double-sided adhesives provided to stick them on the board.


Lamare Vision Board Book 2.0

With a curated selection of 800+ hand-picked images, this book is designed to inspire and ignite your aspirations. This vision board kit provides a convenient, easy-tear design with a plethora of inspiring images, making it an essential clipart book to have on hand.


Vision Board Kit “Dear Future Self”

This complete manifestation kit includes 24 task cards, a meticulously crafted workbook, a captivating vision board poster, and 30 double-sided cards featuring inspiring images and quotes—everything essential to manifest your dreams.


Free Period Press Vision Board Book

Each page in this vision board planner is meticulously designed around specific color palettes, making your boards beautifully cohesive. You’ll find easy-tear, perforated pages covering all major life “buckets” in this vision board kit – from food and finances to mindfulness and home. So you can personalize your board and write your own inspirational story.



Lamare Vision Board: Designed for Black Women

A vision board book crafted for black women with over 800 hand-picked images. With all the images you need in one place, covering various life areas, it's a complete vision board images kit and vision board supplies designed to save you both time and money.

Self Imagined Vision Board Kit

The kit includes a foldable tri-fold board with 27 card slots, and 200 double-sided cards featuring high-resolution images, affirmations, and quotes.  It also includes a booklet with workbook exercises for self-awareness and positive mindset growth, covering gratitude journaling, life goal reflections, action plans, and strategies to overcome limiting beliefs. The booklet's second part has a three month undated planner with monthly reflection pages and a habit tracker to track progress of tasks, goals, and habits.




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