Energetic Cord Cutting: Reclaiming Your Energy

With constant demands on our energy and attention, it becomes crucial to discern the nurturing connections from the ones that deplete us. In spiritual parlance, these connections are often referred to as "cords". Sometimes, these cords can become sources of negativity and energy depletion. This is where the practice of cord-cutting comes into play. It's an essential tool in the arsenal of spiritual hygiene, aiding in reclaiming your personal space and energy. Let's delve deeper into this transformative practice.

understanding energetic cords

Imagine your relationships as a network of energetic links connecting you to different individuals. These links or "cords" can be a conduit for the free flow of positive energy, nurturing the relationship. However, at times, these cords might facilitate the transmission of negative energies, which could potentially harm your well-being. These cords might be attached to friends, family members, or even past relationships.

Cord-cutting is the process of severing these unhealthy links, allowing you to reclaim your energy and create boundaries that foster personal growth and spiritual evolution.

the need for cord cutting

In our journey through life, we encounter various individuals and experiences, forming countless energetic cords. Not all of them serve our highest good. Some cords might bring forward negative patterns, energy drain, or emotional upheavals. Cutting these cords doesn't mean ending relationships but releasing the negative patterns that are no longer serving your growth.

Through cord-cutting, you can:

    1. Release Old Patterns: Free yourself from old patterns and attachments that hinder your growth.
    2. Foster Emotional Healing: Promote emotional healing by releasing the lingering energies of past traumas or conflicts.
    3. Reclaim Your Energy: Reclaim your personal energy and create space for new, positive experiences.
    4. Enhance Spiritual Growth: Facilitate spiritual growth by removing obstacles to your spiritual path.


the process of cord cutting

Cord-cutting is a conscious, intentional process that involves visualization and energy work. It’s a spiritual practice that aims to restore your energetic balance and promotes healing and personal growth. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you cut cords effectively:

Step 1: Ground Yourself

Begin by grounding yourself. Sit in a quiet space, free from distractions. You might choose to sit on a chair or on the floor, maintaining a posture that is comfortable yet alert. Take a few deep breaths, bringing your focus to the present moment. This initial grounding process is crucial as it forms the base of your cord-cutting session, aligning you with the earth's energy, fostering stability, and preparing you to engage in the spiritual work ahead with a clear mind and tranquil heart.

Step 2: Set Your Intention

Set a clear intention for the cord-cutting session. It might be to release old patterns, heal from a past relationship, or to reclaim your energy. Articulate your intention mentally or jot it down on a piece of paper. This step helps in channeling your energy and focus towards the objective you aim to achieve, thereby guiding the energy work with precision and clarity. Remember, the power of intention cannot be understated; it directs the flow of energy and facilitates a deeper connection with your higher self.

Step 3: Visualize the Cords

Close your eyes and visualize the cords connecting you to other individuals or situations. You might perceive these cords as strings of light, chains, or ropes. Notice the cords that feel heavy, dark, or draining. As you delve deeper into this visualization, you may even notice that the cords have varying thicknesses and lengths, representing the intensity and duration of the connections. Take a moment to really feel into each cord, discerning which ones are serving your growth and which ones are hindering your progress.

Step 4: Cutting the Cords

Visualize a tool, like a sword of light or scissors, to cut these cords. As you cut each cord, visualize the released energy returning to its source, leaving you feeling lighter and freer. As you sever each cord, feel the release of old, stagnant energies, making room for fresh, vibrant energies to fill your being. Remember, this process is not about severing relationships, but about releasing the negative energies and patterns that may be associated with them. Embrace this step as a purification process, cleansing your energy field and freeing you from energetic entanglements.

Step 5: Healing the Wounds

After cutting the cords, visualize a healing light sealing the areas where the cords were attached, fostering healing and rejuvenation. Allow yourself to feel the soothing energies as they mend the spaces that were once occupied by the cords, nurturing and restoring your energetic body to a state of balance and harmony. This step seals the process, ensuring that you are not left with open wounds, but instead find yourself in a state of healing and renewal, ready to forge healthier connections in the future.

By following this comprehensive guide, you'll find yourself on the path to healing and personal growth, fostering connections that are nurturing and beneficial to your spiritual journey.

post cord-cutting care: nurturing your renewed self

Cord-cutting is a powerful process that can release a myriad of emotions and energies. It's akin to spiritual surgery, where you remove the unwanted energies that have been impacting your spiritual health. Just as important as the procedure itself is the care you give yourself afterward. Here are some nurturing practices to support your healing and growth in the post cord-cutting phase:

1. Reflection and Journaling

After the session, take some time to reflect on the experience. Journaling can be a great way to process your feelings and note any insights or shifts that occurred during the process. It helps in grounding the experience and making a conscious note of the changes you wish to implement in your life.

2. Hydrate and Nourish

Cord-cutting can be an intense process that utilizes substantial energetic resources. Ensure to hydrate yourself well and consume nourishing foods that rejuvenate your physical body, supporting the energetic shifts that have occurred.

3. Rest and Relax

Allow yourself to rest and integrate the new energies. It's not uncommon to feel a range of emotions or even a bit drained post the session. Give yourself permission to relax and rejuvenate, perhaps with a warm bath infused with healing salts or essential oils.

4. Meditation and Grounding

Engage in meditation practices to help ground the new energies. It assists in integrating the shifts more harmoniously into your being. Grounding exercises, like walking barefoot on the earth, can also help in stabilizing your energy field.

5. Establishing New Boundaries

With the old cords cut, it's time to establish new boundaries that safeguard your energy. Be conscious of the interactions and relationships you engage in, ensuring that they align with your renewed sense of self and the boundaries you wish to establish.

6. Regular Spiritual Cleansing

Make cord-cutting and energy cleansing a regular part of your spiritual routine. Regular maintenance helps prevent the accumulation of unhealthy cords, fostering continual growth and spiritual evolution.

Post cord-cutting care is essential in ensuring a balanced and healthy transition into a life free of unwanted energetic ties. Embrace this time as a period of renewal and transformation, paving the way for nurturing connections and a blossoming spiritual journey.

virtual healing: cord-cutting rituals on YouTube

I personally recommend trying this ritual with YouTube ASMR artist, The Lune Innate. This talented creator seamlessly blends the soothing realms of ASMR with the potent healing energies of Reiki, creating a safe haven where cord-cutting by proxy becomes a nurturing, rejuvenating experience. Her gentle whispers and tangible energy work present in her videos not only soothes the mind but also fosters a profound connection with your inner self. I firmly believe that The Lune Innate's expertise can guide you tenderly through a successful cord-cutting session, potentially unveiling pathways to newfound serenity and balance in your life.



Cord cutting is a potent spiritual practice that aids in personal growth and energy revitalization. It facilitates the release of old, unhealthy patterns, fostering emotional healing and spiritual evolution. As you venture on this journey of self-discovery and healing, remember to approach the process with compassion and love, for yourself and others involved. Remember, the goal is not to sever ties but to foster connections that are healthy, nurturing, and aligned with your true essence.


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