10 Ways to Make Your Bed Super Cozy

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We all know that feeling of crawling into a warm, cozy bed when it's cold and dark outside. That perfect moment when the sheets are smooth and soft against our skin- so comfortable we don't want to get out of them in the morning. If you're looking for ways to make your bed more comfortable, check out these 10 tips!

1. Start with a strong foundation

To have cozy, comfortable space to rest at night, it can be helpful to invest in a more luxurious bed. A comfy mattress makes all the difference between having an average night's sleep or sleeping in pain and discomfort. Depending on your budget, there are several good options of mattress to choose from. A well-supported mattress is key to a cozier sleep. Invest in the perfect queen size bed by getting one with quality foam and springs. 


2. Invest in a mattress topper

Another thing that you can invest in to make your sleep more comfortable is a mattress topper. If you can't afford a brand new mattress right now than this might be the perfect solution. The mattress topper offers a new level of comfort to add more coziness to your gorgeous cozy bed! There are many choices to choose from when it comes to a mattress topper.

For example, a gel-infused memory foam mattress topper will make you feel like you are sinking into a heavenly cloud super comfy bed that will change the way you sleep forever.  



3. Your sheets can make a big difference

Light sheets can help you to have a fresh and comfy sleep during the warmest days but when it comes to cold, fleece sheets are your best hope against the cold. Flannel sheets are thicker, feel more substantial, and they also hold heat, which will make you feel warm and incredibly cozy. 


4. Add a fluffy duvet

A fluffy duvet cover can feel like a hug from a warm and fuzzy cloud. It will also make your bed feel and look more fluffy and comfier. Fluffy duvets inserts are highly durable, it's also perfect for the warm weather and the cold in the winter. Duvet inserts lightweight material helps the air to flow, decreasing the chance of making you sweat and prologuing the excellent condition for longer.

The only downside of having such a comfortable duvet is that you might get late for work more often than usual.


5. Find the right pillows

Did you know that the density of your pillow depends on the position of your sleep? The fluffiness and fullness of your pillow can help you to have a cozier sleep. Just like your mattress, your pillows can really improve your quality of sleep. But the way you tend to sleep also plays a huge role in which pillow is the best for you. For example, if you sleep on your side, you should pick a denser pillow. If you sleep on your back, you should pick an average firm pillow, but if you sleep on your stomach, then a softer pillow would make your sleep more comfortable.


6. Don't forget the throw pillows

Throw pillows can add style and give your bed some personality. Throw pillows can also help you to make your bed cozier. While it doesn't mean that you have to sleep with all of them, it can make a very comfortable addition to your cozy bed when you are just relaxing, reading a book, or on your laptop. Plus throw pillows add a dash of a luxurious touch to any bedroom.

7. The perfect weighted blanket

Weighted blankets are blankets made with different materials such as plastic beads (which are very similar to the materials that make Beanie Baby toys) or glass beads but you can also find natural stuffing like rice or barley (which is a member of the grass family). Weighed blankets are much heavier than normal blankets, which make them a very comfy and warm choice for those cooler nights. 

Weighted blankets can also improve insomnia, and thanks to their heaviness they ground the body downwards, this process is called grounding and can help you to achieve a more relaxing state which can help people with anxiety and depression, as some studies have already shown.


8. Bed warmer

Jumping onto a cozy bed is amazing, but the cold feeling as soon as you dive into your bed can freeze your bones. And if you hate those few moments before you actually get to feel warm, then a bed warmer might be the perfect solution. However, if you are not comfortable with electric blankets, then you might want to check a safer option that will warm your bed for you. The new aqua bed warmer is non-electric and also wire-free making this a much safer and warmer choice.

This works by placing the pad between the mattress and the fitted sheet, allowing the hot water circulating through the heating pad and making your bed super warm, which usually takes around 30 minutes.



9. Fluffy rug

Imagine leaving your warm and comfy bed and step on an ice-cold floor, not a very nice feeling, right? So why not invest in a fluffy and cute rug to keep your feet nice and warm even when you step out of your super hot and cozy bed. Rugs also give style and can bring a room to life. The colors and texture are endless which can help you to add glamour to your beautiful bedroom.


10. Create a cozy atmosphere

Now that you have a few ideas of how to make a cozy bed, why not give it a try and go the extra mile and transform the atmosphere of your bedroom to match with the coziness of your bed. Things like essential oils (lavender is probably the most relaxing), candles, string lights, and even a throw at the end of your bed can really make a room feel more warm and cozy. So when you enjoy your bed, you will also love the warm atmosphere surrounding it.


There is nothing better than a cozy bed after a hard day at work or during a lazy Sunday morning.  Whatever the occasion, you will be able to enjoy every second of every moment that you spend in your bed. Now more than ever moments like this matter, so why not make your bed the most magical place where you can forget all of your problems and sink into an amazing feeling of coziness and peace?


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