20 Hobbies That Are Good for Your Body, Mind & Social Life

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Most people have a tough time finding the perfect hobby. There are so many to choose from! When it comes to hobbies that will keep you happy, healthy, and connected with others we've got your back. There are so many fabulous hobbies on this list that it will be impossible for you to only pick one. Every selection is perfect for anyone who wants to have fun while improving their physical and mental health and social life as well.  Pick the best activity for you and don't forget to be kind to yourself when you are trying something new for the first time!


1. Gardening

Nature has a significant influence on our wellbeing. Still, the art of gardening has so many benefits that it's extraordinary how such a simple (yet somehow demanding) hobby can impact so much your health.

Gardening is a moderate to high-intensity activity that can burn around 300 calories per hour. So you can add gardening to your exercise daily routine because gardening can help you lose and maintain your weight, which will also reduce your risks of heart problems.

Gardening is also one of the best ways to improve and boost your mood. Many studies on this subject have concluded that gardening is extremely powerful in battling mental illnesses, such as anxiety and depression. And by improving your mental health, you will create better relationships with others, which is another benefit of gardening.


2. Cooking/Baking

Baking is just as fantastic for your health as much is tasty for your stomach. Baking is truly a selfless act, and the most significant gift of all is seeing the faces of the people that you love enjoying the treats that you made, which will also give you a sense of accomplishment.

Cooking or baking allows you also to learn that failure is just a lesson that can teach you about self-improvement and impact your mind and body due to the impact that will have on your mental health.

Your skills in the kitchen will also help you to connect with other people while sharing your fantastic cooking and banking skills.


3. Playing music / Learning a new instrument

There is no doubt that music and your mental health are linked, which has been concluded by studies that mention how music helps your brain to release dopamine, a chemical in our brain that allows us to feel good.

Playing an instrument can be like therapy for your mind. It gives you a chance to focus on something else while improving your confidence. Attending classes can boost your social life and help you to build meaningful relationships.

Learning a new skill allows you to experience self-empowerment and boost your mental health. 



4. Crafting - from knitting to wood-crafting and everything in between

Fiber crafts are a fantastic exercise for your brain and hold so many health benefits. Not only can crafting be exuberating for your self-expression, but the positives outcomes are impressive.

Knitting - for example - has been linked to the reduction of depression and anxiety and even decrease chronic pain.

Knitting and other crafting arts help to boots a sense of community, one that you can share with many others across the world. 


5. Walking in Nature / Hiking

One of the apparent health benefits of walking is the potential of the burning calories, and if you walk for at least 30 minutes a day, you decrease your risks of developing heart problems.

Waling in nature also improves your mood and decreases depression and anxiety. The feeling of social withdraw can be reduced with a regular walk outside. Walking in nature gives you a sense of freedom that will help you to feel much happier and be more social.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or blocked, then you should know that walking in nature can help you resolve problems more efficiently and even boost your creativity.


6. Learning a New Language

Learning a new language can be a great addition to your skills, but learning a new language can also be very good for your health. Studies have even found that learning a new language can strengthen your brain, meaning that you will not get smarter, but your mind will get stronger.

Not only that, but learning a new language will boost your confidence. Also, after learning a new way to communicate, you can now be social with more people because you speak multiple languages!


7. Writing Fiction, Non-Fiction or Poetry

Writing is an excellent way to self-express, and when you express yourself, you also release a lot of stress, worries, and even pain.

It's believed that writing is a way to self-heal and self-discovery. Whether you are doing it as a hobby or career, writing is like therapy. It can be a way to self-care.

Writing will impact your mind, which, of course, benefits your body. And with so many inspiring writers around the world, you will have enough people to share your talent and create new connections.


8. Photography

A picture will hold memories forever, but the deed of taking a photo will change your entire life. The meaning of taking the perfect snap is so much more than just the good feeling of posting a picture-perfect post on social media, taking a picture can improve your health.

Photography is one of the many common hobbies that so many of us share, so it's a great way to connect with others as well.

There is a great sense of self-accomplishment when you take the perfect picture, a smile starts to form in your lips, and you may even feel incredibly proud of your eye-catching shot, which will make you feel happy and satisfied, this will boots your mood and build confidence as well.


9. Painting/Drawing/Colouring

 Any hobbies that involve self-expression can have a tremendous impact on your health, so it's not surprising when the art of painting or drawing is one of the hobbies included in this list.

Using a paintbrush and create a masterpiece can be a real boost to your self-confidence. Painting is also incredibly relaxing, which will help you to relieve stress and increase focus.

This beautiful art is also a great tool to allow you to maintain a positive mindset and increase your sense of creativity. You can also connect with other painting lovers and boost your social life. Art brings people together.


10. Meditation & Yoga

Meditation and Yoga are one of the favorite hobbies of many women and even men around the globe. The health benefits are endless, and if you haven't tried then, there is no better time than today. Both yoga and meditation help you to connect with your inner self. Its a self-discovery process, yet so powerful.

It boosts your physical health and improves your mental health massively, such as decreasing stress, reducing anxiety (especially on women), and even possibly reducing inflammation.

There are so many meditation and yoga lovers around the world that it will be impossible not to increase your friendships when you join a yoga or meditation class.


11. Reading & Joining a Book Club

If you have ever felt guilty for taking the time to read a book, then now you can feel guilty free, because reading is good for your health.

Reading can reduce stress, improve your mental stimulation, improve your focus, concentration, and memory. Of course, reading a good book, it also gifts you with more knowledge and even increases your vocabulary. And if you know a good book club, then a good book can help you create friends for a lifetime.


12. Joining a Sports Team

Doing sports is probably of the most health hobbies that you can adopt. It's incredible benefits for your physical health. It can help you to maintain a perfect weight, which will decrease your risks of a lot of diseases that are weight-related, such as heart problems, diabetes, and even cancer.

Practicing sports also helps you maintain a good mood and boost your energy levels.

If you decide to join a sports team, then that will benefit your social lives, as being a part of a team, really helps with self-confidence, self-empowerment, and a general feeling of accomplishment.


13. Volunteering/Mentoring

Volunteering is a selfless act that will make you feel so grateful for life itself.

The act of helping someone else can boost your self-esteem, well being, and increase your social connections. However, the best part of it all will be the warm feeling inside of your heart that comes with the action of helping someone else.

Mentoring also gives you a boost in your self-confidence; it allows you to create meaningful relationships and be a great way to experience self-growth.


14. Attending Farmers Market

Visiting a farmers market allows you to spend time outside, which is already a great benefit for your health. Plus you will have the chance to buy fantastic and healthy food that is not only good for your body but also your mind.

Farmer's markets are enjoyable. There you will have the chance to meet your local community. Attending a farmer's market is a great way to connect with the world around you, which is also good for your spirit.


15. Playing Cards, Chess, Board Games & Making Puzzles

Do you even remember the last time that you tried to solve a puzzle? Puzzles and games are an excellent way to exercise your brain.

They improve your memory, lower your stress levels, improve your problem-solving skills, and can also boost your mood. Games are even better when played with other people, so you can also work on your social connections while exercising your mind.


16. Taking a dance class - solo or with a partner

Music can heal, but when you dance to it, then the experience intensifies massively boosting your physical, mental, and even emotional health.

Dancing is an excellent form of exercise, and it can boost your cardiovascular health and your strength. But moving to your favorite beat can also stimulate your brain and boosts your mood considerably.

Dancing is also one of the most social hobbies that you can do in groups, which can also improve your social life.


17. Stargazing & Astronomy

There is something about the universe around us that helps us to see the world from a different perspective, which can help to reduce your stress levels and be more grateful for the life that we have.

When you look at the enormous sky above us, you will start to notice the things that matter in life, and even be more connected to nature.


  1. Kitting

If you love adventurous hobbies, kitting must be perfect for you. The sound of the waves, the warmth of the sun, and the adrenaline of kitting can be extremely decompressing and an even bigger stress reliever.

Kitting will improve your physical health and boots your mood, concentration, and focus levels as well as giving you so much confidence.


  1. Joining a Wine Tasting Group

If you are a wine lover, then joining a wine taste group can be like therapy for the soul. Not only do you get to taste tasty wines, but you also have a chance to relax and relieve the stress of everyday life.

Wine tasting is a perfect way to make new connections, so it's beneficial for your social life.


  1. Joining Your Local Theater Group

Local community theatre gives you a fantastic chance for people to form relationships with lasting friends that you happen to share similar passions and hobbies. Joining a theater group can help strengthen your self-confidence and self-esteem.

The theater is also a place of self-expression, which can help you to boost our mind and creativity side. And let's not forget how much fun it can be when you get to act amazing characters.

However, if acting isn't for you, then dont worry because there are a lot of ways that you can participate in a local theater group, such as working on the backstage or costume design.



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