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The Only Constant: A Guide to Embracing Change and Leading an Authentic Life

The Only Constant: A Guide to Embracing Change and Leading an Authentic Life

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Author: Zebian, Najwa

You can become the change driver of your own life. The celebrated poet, educator, and author of Welcome Home shows you how in this practical, wise, and tender guide to all of life’s changes.

“Change is hard—but Najwa shows you what’s on the other side, and she’s the one you want to lead you through it.”—Melissa Urban, New York Times bestselling author of The Book of Boundaries

In The Only Constant, Najwa Zebian guides you through the changes we must make and those we must endure in life, offering support, stabilizing practices, and step-by-step guidance to make it through the uncertainty. With timeless wisdom, Najwa shares stories of change from her own life, including the bonds to the past she needed to break so that she could live more honestly, the loss of a loved one, and accepting the changes required to manage chronic illness.

She also guides you through changes like:

• The end of a romantic relationship or friendship
• Setting boundaries with a friend or family member
• Changing your educational and career path
• Grieving the death of a loved one
• Breaking trauma bonds
• Venturing outside of your survival mode
• Living an authentic life
• Practicing radical acceptance

A highly practical guide to unfamiliar terrain, The Only Constant teaches that the purpose of change is to be true to yourself. Zebian simplifies change, teaches us to accept ourselves as we are now, and helps us focus on the necessity and unexpected beauty of those messy transitional times. And she guides you through it so that you can not only reach the better life that awaits you on the other side, but also so that you can take the wheel and become the driver of change in your own life.